Table of Contents: A Comparison of Some Dependency Injection Frameworks

Part 1 Introduction and Motivation

A discussion of the motivation behind looking at a number of dependency injection frameworks, and which ones we will look at.

Part 2 Scenarios To Be Tested

A description of the various tests to be run on the dependency injection frameworks.

Part 3 Spring with XML Configuration (Java)

A detailed look at running the tests in Java Spring using XML configuration, with some discussion on the merits of this framework.

Part 4 Spring.Net with XML Configuration (.Net)

A very brief look at running the tests in Spring.Net, which is almost identical to running the tests in Spring for Java with XML configuration.

Part 5 Guice (Java)

A brief discussion of how Guice works, and a look at the first three tests implemented in Guice.

Part 6 Guice (Java) Continued

A look at the remainder of the tests implemented in Guice, and some comments on whether the framework solves the problems with other dependency injection frameworks.

Part 7 Spring JavaConfig (Java)

Examines how we would run our tests using Spring JavaConfig, and discusses why it seems a step forward from the usual XML configuration in Spring and other frameworks.

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