ComplexMovieListerFactory Class – Spring.Net

using Spring.Objects.Factory;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Collections;
namespace MovieFinderTestSpring.Net
    public class ComplexMovieListerFactory : IObjectFactoryAware
        private IListableObjectFactory objectFactory;
        #region IObjectFactoryAware Members
        public IObjectFactory ObjectFactory
            set { objectFactory = (IListableObjectFactory)value; }
        public MovieLister Build()
            IDictionary allMovies = objectFactory.GetObjectsOfType(typeof(Movie));
            List<Movie> movies = new List<Movie>();
            foreach (DictionaryEntry movie in allMovies)
            ComplexMovieFinder complexMovieFinder = new ComplexMovieFinder();
            complexMovieFinder.Movies = movies;
            MovieLister complexMovieLister = new MovieLister(complexMovieFinder);
            return complexMovieLister;

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