Rich Newman

XML Configuration File – Spring Java

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns=""
      <bean id="AndreiRublevMovie" class="moviefindertest.springxml.Movie">
            <constructor-arg name="title" value="Andrei Rublev"></constructor-arg>
            <constructor-arg name="director" value="Andrei Tarkovsky"></constructor-arg>
      <bean id="simpleMovieFinder" class="moviefindertest.springxml.SimpleMovieFinder"></bean>
      <bean id="simpleMovieLister" class="moviefindertest.springxml.MovieLister" scope="singleton">
            <constructor-arg name="finder" ref="simpleMovieFinder"></constructor-arg>
      <bean id="colonDelimitedMovieFinder" class="moviefindertest.springxml.ColonDelimitedMovieFinder"></bean>
      <bean id="colonDelimitedMovieLister" class="moviefindertest.springxml.MovieLister" scope="prototype">
            <property name="finder" ref="colonDelimitedMovieFinder"></property>
      <bean id="complexMovieListerBuilder" class="moviefindertest.springxml.ComplexMovieListerFactory"></bean>
      <bean id="complexMovieLister" factory-bean="complexMovieListerBuilder" factory-method="build" scope="prototype"></bean>

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