Table of Contents: Introduction to using Financial Products Markup Language (FpML) with Microsoft .NET Tools

Part 1 Introduction

An overview of how we can use Visual Studio to examine the FpML XSDs. Shows how to create a Visual Studio project containing the FpML schemas, and how to use that to navigate through them. Also shows how to validate the XML examples that are provided in the FpML download, both using Visual Studio and in C# code.

Part 2 How FpML Validates A Basic Trade Document

Looks at the structure of an FpML trade document in some detail. Explains how the FpML schemas fit together to validate such a document, and examines the use of base and extension types, and of substitution groups, in the XSDs.

Part 3 Generating .Net Classes From The FpML XSD Schema

Shows how to generate .Net classes in C# from the XML schema documents using Xsd.exe.  Explains how to load data into these classes from an FpML document using C# code, and to save the document back out again from the classes.

Part 4 Problems With Using Xsd.exe To Generate .Net Classes From The FpML XSD Schema

Goes through some of the problems with the C# code generated in part 3, and discusses how to fix them.

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